Free Product Brochure Design Templates

You can find the brochure everywhere nowadays. Most of the times, the brochures are ignored by the people and if you are also thinking to design a brochure then you must be thinking about a design which people can’t ignore just like other brochures. The brochure you produce should be of high quality and it should be able to grab the attention of the people. You can get the idea of brochure from the internet. Here are some very simple guidelines to design a high quality brochure.

  1. The brochure you want to design should be uniform to the branding company. It looks totally meaningless to create such a brochure that has no coordination with the branding. If your brochure is not uniform to the branding, then how will it be able to promote your company? You are required to use the same colour combination along with same logo which is used by the company of the product.
  2. It is very important to decide what to add in the brochure. try to add the relevant information to the product. You should what is the most important information about the product which you should add in the brochure. You should also know what the readers want to read in the brochure. The information which you have put in the brochure should not only be beneficial for the product or readers but it should also be economical for the company.
  3. Standing out from the rest is very important if you want to make a unique brochure. you should be able to approach the market in some new ways with new ideas. A threefold brochure is very good and reliable but it is very common style. You can use different style in your brochure in order to capture the market.
  4. While designing the brochure, the first thing a person has to do is to design the layout. Layout includes decision regarding the size of the brochure and its style. You should know what kind of size is needed by the brochure whether it is corporate size or folder size. This is the most important thing to decide in the start of the brochure designing. If you are not sure that which size will be appropriate for your brochure, then you can make the brochure in both sizes if you have enough resources.
  5. Using pictures in the brochure is a very popular technique of these days. A brochure with overloaded text and no pictures looks very dull and boring and ultimately becomes the part of reader’s drawer with other brochures. The images increase the readability of the brochure because of which it is very important to make sure that the ratio of the images and the text on the brochure is well balanced
  6. The headlines used on the brochure should be persuasive and should be able to compel the readers to read the whole brochure. All the details regarding the product should be given in such a way that it can make the reader want to know more about the product.

Here is a good looking Free Product Marketing Brochure Template created using MS Word.

product marketing brochure template

Click here to download this Product Marketing Brochure Template

Here is another good looking Product Marketing Brochure Template created using MS Word.

product brochure template

Click here to download this Product Brochure Template


Agent Portfolio Flyer Templates

When the idea of the portfolio was developed, it was very hard to put all the designs in place manually and people used to spend a lot of time in creating the perfect portfolio as far as possible to impress people. Now we can thank the internet for all the reliabilities that are enough to save you tons of time.

These days you can simply show your work to many without even going to their place through e-mails. You can prepare a portfolio and can show it to many. When you hear this word portfolio it might sound difficult to you, but actually, it is very simple and can be done by summing up your work.

If you are creating it for the first time and don’t want it to look like a beginner’s portfolio then here are some tips that will simply turn your portfolio into a professionally created portfolio.

  1. You might have so many things in line that you want to add, but this will make your portfolio overdosed and in order to bring a shine in your design, wisely select the design that is the best. Think and then filter the un-wanted stuff and add the needed material only. You can add a title to every picture this will help others understanding your views and ideas.
  2. It is very important to make your portfolio as impressive as you can. You always have this option valid to hide the unwanted stuff and the stuff which is just OK. Try to show-case most unique creativity of yours as it will be impressive. If you add all the material then it will lengthen your portfolio and it will look boring because simple is the best
  3. Your portfolio must have at least two pieces from each variety. It should have variety and variation. Try to add many different works of yours, this will look creative and will show all your talent in the portfolio. Always try to add current stuff and don’t add too old pictures unless they are outrageous.
  4. As you are adding too many designs, make sure that all are arranged in patterns and must not    look messed up. Your portfolio should be categorized in the way that as you go further each detail    should look connected with the last one.
  5. You can take help from the internet to make your work look interesting. You can download layered PDF from the internet and can fix your work there to make it look good. Whatever you do must look catchy and interesting.
  6. It is not necessary to show the work you are paid for. You can add your own creativity to the portfolio. The design must not look repetitive and should have separate infra-structure.
  7. In the case of the online portfolio the small details such as the paper and the ending details are not important, but if you are sending a physical portfolio than it must be printed on a good quality paper and must have a wonderful end.

Here is a good looking Agent Portfolio Flyer Template available for free download.

agent portfolio flyer

Click here to download this Agent Portfolio Flyer Template

Here is another good looking Real Estate Apartment for Sale Flyer Template.

apartment flyer template

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Here is an Advertisement Flyer Template that can also be used as Agent Flyer Design.

advertising flyer template

Click here to download this Advertisement Flyer Template

Here comes another good looking New Real Estate listing Flyer Template focused more on Agent Portfolio.

new property listing flyer

Click here to download this New Listing Flyer Template

Here comes another Agent Portfolio Flyer Template created using MS Word.

agent portfolio flyer template

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Analysis Report Templates

If you are an analyst and you love sharing your findings with other people, you can understand how important it is to present your reports and data in a manner that is suitable for the readers and it should be tailored in a specific pattern i.e. adding important stuff at the top and keeping less important stuff for the end of the report. The basic purpose of doing so and emphasizing on the content of an Analysis Report is to make sure you only add what the readers want to read and you add it just the way they want to see it or read it.

Guidelines to add Content in Analysis Report:

  • Categorize the content in separate sections:
    It’s all about how you present the data in front of the readers and whether your report has key findings and important milestones, if you succeed with the presentation of the content, it’s all good. The key to success here is to divide the entire content into various parts i.e. divide them in separate categories and sections. Then, suggest a good and relevant title or heading for each section and make it bold on the report. This way just by looking at the heading, the reader will understand the meaning of it and what it’s about.
  • Only include what’s important for the readers:
    Here if you want to add something in the report, you should be aware of it and understand it first. You can’t just add anything in the report and be comfortable with it but think of yourself as a reader and only add what’s important for them to read about or find out. There are good chances that when you include only what’s important, the report will be much shorter, precise and more accurate.
  • Make sure to add summary and conclusion in the report:
    For so many reasons, it’s always a better idea to include a short summary of your entire report and a conclusion paragraph at the end of the report. For the high profile readers i.e. your CEO or company directors, the short summary will let them grab the idea quickly without asking you to explain the entire report in few words where on the other hand, with a conclusion paragraph, you can remind the readers about the important key points and major parts of the report at the end.
  • Add more bullet points and make important stuff bold:
    Keep in mind that bullet points are way easier to understand and get in a quick glance than to read an entire paragraph and then understand what it says. You need to use this trick in your analysis report as well. This way you can not only make the report much shorter but you can also help out the readers by providing the information to them in a way that it easy to understand and evaluate. In the same manner, when you have an important word or phrase in the report, make it bolder so the reader can focus on it.

Here is a good looking Data Analysis Report Template created using MS Word.

sample data analysis report template

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Here is another good looking Analysis Report Format Sample available to download in PDF Format.

analysis report format sample

Click here to download Analysis Report Format Sample

Here is a Quarterly Budget Analysis Template created using MS Excel.

quarterly budget analysis template

Click here to download Quarterly Budget Analysis Template

Here is another good Projected Financial Condition Analysis Template created using MS Excel.

projected financial condition analysis template

Click here to download Project Financial Condition Analysis Template

Here is another Financial Ration Analysis Template created using MS Word.


Click here to download Financial Analysis Template

Why You Should Prepare an Inventory List for House and Building Insurance

To conserve time and to obtain the best property insurance quote feasible it’s crucial to prepare an inventory list. An inventory is a checklist utilized as a security measure by home owners for insurance coverage reasons. Claims are typically made after a burglary or a fire, or things are damaged or lost. Items insurance includes furniture, household goods, food, beverage, tvs, videos, computers, garments and valuables such as jewelry. The quantity obtained from the insurance business will be affected by just what happens to be incorporated into this checklist.

Additionally,It is useful to take photos of the items for residence and building insurance stocks whenever creating insurance claims. It demonstrates to your insurance provider that the item was indeed possessed; without proof of ownership, insurance providers won’t protect your expenses or replace things. Using photographs will assist you to bear in mind exactly what ended up being lost or taken.

Here is a useful Equipment Inventory List Template


Click here to download this Equipment Inventory List Template

Using photos for house and building insurance inventories isn’t as easy or as easy as it appears to be; individuals underestimate the really worth of the possessions and just exactly how a lot they own. Taking a methodological method and busting things down space by room makes saying much a lot simpler. Using pictures or having a video clip can more validate the reliability of the checklist.

Products into the garden or in the garage could be contained in the record such as resources, bikes, garden servicing equipment or other products like garden furniture. Electronic gear within the home like computer systems, notebook computers, tvs, and stereos should additionally be detailed. CDs, movies or books of which you might have a bigger quantity could be counted and placed on the list.

It is a great idea to note along the cost of the item and when it had been purchased by affixing warranties and copies of invoices to prove ownership while the price. This will all be useful if you decide to make a home and building insurance claim.


Sea Food Restaurants Along the Gulf Coast Communities – Hating Life After Spill

Everyone knows that the BP oil spill within the Gulf of Mexico is causing an incredible difficulty for tourism additionally the hospitality sector. We’ve also heard of the bad fisherman just who can no longer seafood or make a living. How much money lost would be well into the $10 billion mark because of this end of this summer. That feels like a ton of cash, but you must additionally recognize that the oil industry brings in about $160 billion a 12 months in those Gulf States.

Nevertheless, if you are a fisherman, and part of a $2-$3 billion a 12 months industry, you will do not feel like taking a back seat, and you have got to be concerned just how exactly to make your household payments, feed your family, and pay money for your watercraft so that the bank doesn’t repossess it. Not the bank can just take it everywhere anyhow if it’s trapped into the harbor with oil everywhere. Today next, let’s chat about another sector that no one is thinking about, the restaurant sector all over country.

Here is a useful Fish menu Template


Yes that’s suitable, many individuals are no longer purchasing fish, as they’re scared that the fish might have been caught when you look at the Gulf of Mexico and now have been contaminated. If you recall following the brand new Orleans Hurricane Katrina flooded out all of the cars – a majority of the used cars were discovered all over the nation, as they certainly were sent to the auto deals and sold to unsuspecting folks. This is why no one is trusting the seafood, individuals are extremely leery about ordering fish from the selection of any restaurant particularly in the Gulf places, but also all over country.

Perhaps not long ago, I was during the local grocery store in CA and I couldn’t think that catfish was marked down significantly. I’m sure for a fact in which that catfish originates from, it comes from fish farms in Ca, and some originates from Peru, it didn’t come from the Gulf of Mexico, but no one is buying it within the grocery store because they don’t know, they are not sure, in addition they merely aren’t prepared to take the threat.



Click here to download this Fish Menu



Numerous restaurants are merely taking “catfish” and other fish understood to originate from the Gulf off their menus, because consumers are skeptical to order all of them today. It’s killing the fishing market within the US and it’ll additionally harm fish farmers in all coastal places as far away as Alaska, and Asia, which imports mega-tons worth of fish every 12 months to the USA.

A current article in QSR Magazine (QSR = Quick Service Restaurant); “Will the Oil Spill Affect Your Menu? – It’s perhaps not simply BP execs and politicians which will be scrambling to wash up the Gulf Coast oil spill,” written by Carolyn Surh – this article clearly describes the economic challenges regarding the oil spill with respect to customer belief. If you’d like a complete rundown about this subject I recommend you appear that article up on the web. And we wish you will definitely please start thinking about exactly how severe this is certainly to your whole restaurant industry both junk meals, and fine dining restaurants. Believe upon it.


Powerful Tool for Procrastinators – Keep a Time Log

If you are a procrastinator–you constantly leave crucial tasks through to the final min, you avoid large priority tasks by participating in busy work, and so on–you probably have no concept exactly where your time is going. It’s really most likely that you’re constantly saying anything like listed here:

  • “We have no clue where my time goes.”
  • “Just how do other folks get so much done?”
  • “we simply don’t have sufficient time to perform some items that are important for me.”
    Among the best resources that procrastinators can use to be able to restore control over their time is to begin keeping a time log. A time log is helpful for numerous factors, such as the following:

By writing down what you’re performing during the day, you bring your understanding to how you’re investing some time. Also only getting even more mindful of what you are doing along with your time is useful in order to quit procrastinating.

Once you have been keeping a time wood for a duration of time–two weeks is probably best–you can assess just how you’re investing some time. It’s extremely most likely that you’ll be amazed by the results.

                                                                                                                 Here is a useful Time Log Sheet


Tracking your time can assist you determine time wasters.

When you determine the percentage of the time that you’re devoting to reasonable concern and method priority tasks, rather than utilizing your time for you to achieve high priority tasks, you will most likely recognize that the problem is not that you do not have sufficient time, but that you’re not generating the best usage of your time.
Are you currently prepared to start keeping a time sign? Great! All you need is a pen and a piece of report.

Click here to download this Time Log Sheet

Here’s the procedure to follow:

Hold your time log with you all of the time. You’re going to record what you perform throughout the day-through the moment in which you wake up when you look at the early morning until such time you go to rest at night-in real time. Don’t you will need to fill away your time wood during the conclusion of your time from mind.

Try to be as specific as you possibly can. For instance, don’t just write straight down “working”. What are you focusing on? There’s an enormous distinction between working on an eBook which you’re likely to offer on your own blog site to be able to deliver in more money, and surfing the web shopping for brand new plugins for the blog. The very first is clearly important, although the second is certainly perhaps not. Write down specifically what you are focusing on.

 After that to every entry create down whether it’s a reasonable, average, or large top priority task.

Once you’ve been maintaining a time wood for 2 days, or perhaps the time period which you decided on, analyze your results. Then make a summary of the changes that you’re going to make. Attempt to come up with at minimum five modifications that you’re likely to make. These changes can include doing things for instance the after:

Begin making it a practice be effective on your most significant job during your day very first thing into the morning, also before you look at your e-mails.
Begin taking your meal to exert effort every time in order to take a smaller lunch.
Delegate a few associated with housecleaning chores to your kids and also to your partner so that you stop spending a great deal of your time on this group.
Result in the changes which you identified, One at a time. After two or three weeks, implement another modification. Don’t you will need to implement all of the modifications at once in order that you don’t be overwhelmed.

When you’ve implemented all of the modifications which you identified, hold a time wood for the next week or two to be able to determine the results. Are you currently investing more time on high concern jobs? Features your propensity to procrastinate diminished? Will you be now becoming more effective and effective along with your time?


Although maintaining a time wood will call for a financial investment of your time, it will help one to definitely move some time from low concern to large concern tasks. This will have an enormous effect on the results that you get in life during the lengthy run. Thus, keeping a time wood is a good expense. A time wood is an effective device that will help procrastinators to avoid procrastinating.


Planning Your Daily Actions

The Company environment is rapidly altering, offering new and unique challenges that we must adjust to in purchase to grow. Advances in technology have actually provided us with better effectiveness getting rid of a number of the jobs that staff members had formerly used. It features lead in an ever before growing task list and a routine that gets busier because of the time; therefore necessitating the clear recognition of the responsibilities and jobs to be able to simplify your life.

Here is a useful Rolling Action Item List Template


Click here to download this Rolling Action Item List Template

  • Evaluation your Job Description

It is vital to review and improve your task information to mirror the changes in the tasks and responsibilities that have taken place. When you define the expectations which you have on your own, you are able to make the then action towards correctly handling your time. Also, having an identified task description in position for your staff makes both your work and their work much more beneficial.

  • Create a Task Action List

Create a checklist that outlines all of the tasks you are responsible for. Begin with your task description and list out of the corresponding tasks according to needed regularity. After that, over a time course of four months, monitor the tasks that you’re responsible for completing and include all of them towards the activity list.

  • Achieving Your Tasks

Organize your tasks into a document that could effortlessly be used. We recommend dividing your job list into day-to-day, regular, monthly, quarterly and annual listings. These checklists may after that be imprinted completely once a month and then followed to help you in completing your tasks. There are many advantages to having this document in place, like the capacity of other people to quickly move into the place during holidays or when you relocate to another type of place. This document can be altered to reflect your specific design and simply translates with other monitoring programs such as Outlook.